FESTIVAL HELLENIKA® is an exciting and diverse arts festival fostering Hellenic links to the arts and celebrating Hellenic culture. The breadth, depth and complexity of Hellenism extends far beyond Greek nationality and encompasses a richly evolving culture beyond borders.

FESTIVAL HELLENIKA® (formerly THE GREEK CULTURAL MONTH) is held annually in Adelaide during February , March, April and May and is a major part of South Australia’s cultural scene.

It provides an open platform for people of any background to showcase Hellenic connections to the arts and their Australian manifestations.

We have a commitment to community cultural development and aim to make FESTIVAL HELLENIKA® accessible to the wider audience.

In this way we inform, broaden horizons, break down stereotypes, and foster greater harmony and understanding.

FESTIVAL HELLENIKA® is coordinated by the South Australian Council for the Greek Cultural Month Incorporated.

It is a community, umbrella organisation, with membership open to any group, organisation and society with an interest in Hellenic connections to the arts. Established in 1991, with the support of the Consulate General of Greece in South Australia, it is non-political, non-sectarian, non profit and independent.

The Governing board of volunteers is elected every two years by member organisations.

The defining feature of FESTIVAL HELLENIKA, is Hellenism – the study of all things Greek.

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