Welcome to FESTIVAL HELLENIKA, Adelaide’s annual multi disciplinary arts festival dedicated to the maintenance, development, promotion and celebration of Hellenic links in the Arts, and their rich and diverse Australian manifestations.

We wouldn’t have passed by the opportunity and obligation to celebrate the bicentenary of the start of the Greek revolution in the 2021 Festival Hellenika main concert. Unfortunately, like so many others due to the on-and-off covid restrictions at the time, we had to cancel everything. We couldn’t discard however the work that was done and ready to go for such a celebration of rich history narrated by beautiful music and images depicting the great but also unfortunate times of the past 200 years of Greek freedom.

So the time has come for Festival Hellenika to present (revive) this programme of Demotic, Contemporary and Laika songs, suited to the occasion, at the Adelaide Festival Centre SPACE THEATRE. The songs will be performed by a ten-piece orchestra directed by musical director John Kourbelis and sung by vocalists Poly Arabatzis, Tsambica De George and Stamatis Dimitrakopoulos.


Formerly known as The Greek Cultural Month, the Festival is facilitated, coordinated and presented by the South Australian Council for the Greek Cultural Month Inc (SACGCM).

FESTIVAL HELLENIKA is part of a continuing and inspiring journey of exploration that has so enriched the Australian society, in that our activities act to broaden horizons, break down stereotypes, build links and foster greater harmony and understanding.

Festival Hellenika is proudly sponsored by tkt2fly.com.au

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