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Sat, 9 March 2024 - Sun, 10 March 2024 (7:00 pm - 8:00 pm)Australia/Adelaide
The Spiegeltent - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights
Rundle Park - Kadlitpina, East Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000


Effie says:

“I am Cheap yet Expensive, Deep yet Shallow, Thick yet Thin. I’m Full of It. Are Youse?


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We’re all a mass of contradictions in a world that has gone crazy.

Right now there’s an ugly bitch-fight happening between political correctness & freedom of speech.

It’s judgement day everyday these days.

Paranoia is the new black.

Free speech comes at a price.

People are getting cancelled more regularly than a known carrier’s domestic flights.

Walk thru the jungle of jargon and the hills of hilarity to find our way back to an individual’s true freedom – UPYOURSELFNESS of which, I myself, have a PhDs.”




Via Adelaide Fringe (click on link)


Meet the artist

Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas

Mary is an accomplished and multi-faceted Australian artist who is renowned for her acting, comedic, and public speaking skills.

She initially gained recognition in 1987 when she joined the pioneering stage show, ‘Wogs out of Work’. It was through this venture that her beloved comic character, Effie, came into existence.

However, her acting repertoire is not just limited to the stage. Over the years, Mary has built an impressive portfolio, showcasing her talent across various mediums. She has made numerous appearances in both television and film.

She is widely known for her keen sense of humor and natural ability to entertain audiences.

Her stories and characters are inspired by her own experiences growing up in Australia, with her works reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of the country.

As an author, she penned "Effie's Guide to Being Up Yourself" and also shared her heart-wrenching experiences with IVF and the loss of her daughter in her memoir, "All I Know".

Mary's career is also not limited to the arts, as she is also one of Australia's most sought-after corporate speakers. Her motivational speeches and engaging talks are renowned for their energy and inspiration, earning her much acclaim in the corporate sector.

She continues to capture audiences, leaving a lasting impression with her exceptional skills and larger-than-life personality.

Event Calendar

Saturday, 9 March 2024 - Sunday, 10 March 2024

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm  Australia/Adelaide

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